About Summit Guitar School

We care about the process

student_pictureAt Summit Guitar School we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality guitar and bass lessons in the Lee’s Summit area.  Brett Blakemore is a seasoned teacher and a working musician who makes it a point to give his students every resource available to help them reach their musical goals.  Although this is not specifically a rock school we will teach you to rock if that is your goal!

Your lessons will revolve around your personal musical interests and goals. If you have ever taken lessons before and felt like they were going nowhere it was probably because the teacher was winging it at each lesson.  Not here, we take detailed notes on all of our students lessons so that when you arrive for your next lesson we can pick up right where we left off.

We believe that lessons are just part of the learning process.  We strongly believe that performing plays a huge role in the development of musicians young and old.  Because of this we offer various performance opportunities to our students throughout the year. You will find that these performances help with student goals as well as with their self esteem.



Brett Blakemore is an accomplished guitar player who is well versed in many different genres. He first showed an interest in music when, at age 12, he discovered his mom’s old guitar in a closet under the stairs. After learning his first song from a neighborhood friend he was hooked. From that point on, he followed a path that led him to a B.S. in Music technology from Missouri Western State University and a diverse career as a recording engineer, performer, and educator.

While at MWSU, Brett studied classical guitar under the direction of world-renowned classical guitarist Anthony Glise and jazz improvisation under Jason P. Riley. “I feel like all my experiences — recording, film-scoring, performing, all of it — make me a better teacher,” says Brett. Teaching is a craft that Brett has been perfecting for over 10 years.

Patience is something that Brett does not lack. He is willing to take as much time as necessary to help his students reach their playing goals. Brett is also a teacher at Summit Christian Academy and Blue River Community College which means he is comfortable teaching students of all ages.  Whether your goal is to be able to be able to strum through your favorite songs or to audition for music school Brett can help you get there. With over ten years of teaching experience it only made sense to start Summit Guitar school here in Lee’s Summit.   The classroom isn’t the only place you’ll find Brett. He can be seen and heard on the Kansas City music scene most weekend nights as both a solo performer and as a member of all kinds of well-known bands.
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