Always Remember Us This Way–Guitar Cover Video

About a month ago we posted a lesson on this song we got a great response from it.  We received a few requests for a full play through so here it is!  We hope that this video will be a great addition to the guitar lesson we posted on this song.  The soundtrack for this movie is really good.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we did a few more lessons on songs from the album.  Please let us know if you like the lesson and the guitar cover.   Also drop us a song request and we will add to our list.

New Lesson Video–James Arthur

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving last week.  We released our latest lesson video early last week.  After that we got kind of busy relaxing and overeating. With that said, here is our latest lesson.  This one is on James Arthur’s newest release, Empty Space.  This is a great beginner guitar lesson that is easy and fun to play.  In the video I go over the song form, chords, the strumming pattern, and a palm muting technique.  We hope you all enjoy the video and that it helps you learn this catchy new song. Let us know how we are doing in the comments section.  If you enjoyed and learned something from the video please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel.  Some of you may find that these songs are too difficult and that is ok.  Learning to play guitar is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight and it takes a lot of work.  We are currently working on a complete beginner jumpstart class for all beginner guitar players.  In the class we will breakdown everything you need to learn to get started on the guitar.  The class will set you up to learn all of your favorite songs.   If that sounds like a class you need please let us know and we will put you on the pre order list. For now enjoy the lesson below.


Brett Blakemore

Music To My Eyes (New Video Lesson)–

So this soundtrack is amazing.  I haven’t even seen the movie yet but apparently the movie itself is amazing as well.  We have had a bunch of students requesting songs from the album so we decided to make a few video lessons.  The first one we did was for the song Always Remember Us This Way.  That one has really taken off for us on YouTube.  Because that one has done so well we have decided to another song from the soundtrack.  Music to My Eyes is a great beginner guitar song.  It has a little bit of lead line and a 6/8 strumming pattern that may be new to some of the beginners out there but it is definitely not that hard.  In the video I explain the song form, chords, and the lead line.  Everything you need to know to be able to learn this song is included in the video.

Here at Summit Guitar School we really want to provide as much value as we possibly can to the beginner guitar community.  There are a lot of beginner guitar players out there that just do not know where to start.  A lot of them are probably finding it hard to even get to the point where they can learn songs on their own off of YouTube.   We are working hard to provide a solution to that problem.  Stay tuned for a beginner guitar course that is being designed for the absolute beginner. This course will make it possible for you to learn any song you want.  We are really excited to bring this course to you all.  Please let us know if you would be interested in online course such as this.

For now, here is our latest online lesson. Enjoy!


Casting Crowns–guitar–lesson–Nobody

Here is a brand new lesson for all of you beginner guitar students.  Here at Summit Guitar School we love to teach all styles and genres of music. This lesson is from the band Casting Crowns.  This is their new song, Nobody.  We chose this song because it doesn’t sound like most of the other Christian songs on the radio.  Video lessons are definitely fun to create and post but it is even more fun to create when we actually enjoy the song.  Please let us know how we can make these videos better and more useful. We want to provide a ton of value to the online beginner guitar community and we hope you learn a lot from our videos.  Thanks for stopping by our page.


Always Remember Us This Way… (New Lesson)

The new movie, A Star is Born, has a great soundtrack that is full of guitar driven songs.  We love this!!!  There is no shortage of individuals wanting to learn guitar, but there is a shortage of guitar driven songs on the radio.  That’s not to say there aren’t guitar driven songs out there.  There is plenty of guitar driven music out there, you just have to look for it.   When this movie and it’s soundtrack were released it gave us some great guitar driven music. With that being said we chose a song off of album that was piano driven to do a lesson on… I know, that makes no sense.  Here’s the deal, we love to produce video lessons but we also love music.  At Summit Guitar School we feel like we should only produce lessons on songs that we really enjoy.  With that being said we hope you enjoy our latest guitar lesson.  Have a great day!