Elixir String Review

There are literally endless brands of guitar strings. Not all are created equal and not everyone likes the same strings.  In this review we will discuss Elixir Acoustic (nanoweb) strings. These are not the cheapest strings out there.  At around $16.00 a box they are on the higher priced side of acoustic guitar strings. With that being said we believe they are some of the nicest sounding strings on the market.  They also have an extended life span because of the thin nanoweb coating on each string.  The phosphor bronze strings also make for a brighter tone.  Not everyone will like the brightness but it will greatly depend on the tone woods your guitar might be made of.  We tried these out on a Taylor 714CE  and they were fantastic.  This particular guitar is a rosewood back and sides and a red cedar top.  We are certain these would sound good on almost any acoustic guitar on the market.  Keep in mind that they are a little bright so they may help even out a darker voiced guitar like a Martin D-18. We cannot say enough great things about these strings.  They are articulate and balanced.  On the Taylor they had a good amount of low end with a beautiful crispness throughout the high end. The strings sounded great when strumming open chords and super clear when playing lead lines.  The thing that stuck out the most with this particular set of strings was the lifespan.  They tone of the strings remained intact for longer than any other set of acoustic strings we have ever tried.  Believe me when I say we’ve tried them all.  You can play 3 or 4 gigs on this guitar before you notice any tone loss.  That is the truth.  String choice is always a personal taste type of thing so do yourself a favor and try as many different brands as necessary. You will end up landing on your favorite.  Overall these strings are a home run and we would recommend them to any acoustic player out there.  Happy string hunting.

Brett Blakemore

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