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Hey friend! My name is Brett Blakemore and I am here to help you reach your next level of your guitar playing. Im so pumped for you to jump into this training because I know  it will help you break out of your guitar playing rut by uncovering the key concepts you need to start applying to your playing today.


What My Students Are Saying:


This course is for anyone who:


  • Has been playing guitar for 1-3 years
  • Has little experience with music theory but has a strong desire to learn so that they can become the best guitarist/musician they can possibly be
  • Has been playing their whole life but have always struggled with music theory
  • Wants to be able to confidently play with other musicians
  • Wants to play solos and chord progressions that impress everyone in the room
  •  Wants to unlock their true musical potential

You'll be amazed at just how free your guitar playing will feel when you know:

  • What notes make solos sound great
  • How to play major and minor triads all over the neck
  • How to easily spell chords
  • What chords are in every key
  • How to use the Nashville Number System like professional musicians
  •  How to find every note on the neck

Forrest Burd

After taking the Five Pillars course with Brett, it really opened my eyes and allowed me to open up the fretboard just by practicing my triads! I’ve been able to add a little more to my soloing just by using the triads! 

Eric Lovegren

As an intermediate guitar player, it’s been a goal to improvise solos and play more creatively with other musicians. The 5 Pillars did that for me! Who knew that a single online course could make such a huge difference in my playing? I can now apply the 5 Pillars to quickly determine which key a song is in, which chords are in it, and which notes to emphasize while soloing. 

Fayette Lamphere

I want to thank you for this course! It got me over several road blocks and my playing continues to improve. You explained some very useful information and I refer to my "5 Pillars Bible" often. I highly recommend this course.

Buy today and you get access to everything for only one payment of $137


Unlock your musical potential, Essential Music Theory Made Easy


My 5 Pillars of Music Theory course focuses on only the core 5 pieces of music theory that you will need to level up your musicianship and unlock your playing forever!


This easy music theory training will help you learn the most powerful, and practical pieces of music theory so you can understand more than just how to play a song.


These concepts can easily be applied no matter what your current skill level is.

Why my system will work for you:

  • You'll start from the beginning
We start from the beginning and set you up for success. Even if you have a basic understanding of music theory, most people overlook some key items that can lead to confusion and frustration.
  • You don't have to be a great guitar player
Even if you aren't an intermediate or advanced guitar player, I've got you. I've included all types of resources as well as simple acronyms that anyone at any age or skill level can learn.
  • Easy to follow Instruction
We will walk through the entire process with step-by-step so that even if you’re the most technologically challenged person in the world, you’ll be able to learn the material. All Access Pass members get LIVE Q&A sessions and everything is recorded and uploaded to the site.
  • Focus on simplicity over complication
Simple. Simple. Simple. I’m all about keeping things simple. It works because I keep it ridiculously simple. This isn’t push-button easy (if it were, you’d have it all figured out already), but I simplify and reduce the overwhelm as much as possible so that you can finally learn what the pros know.
  • Access to me via email for all of your questions

Buy today and you get access to everything for only one payment of $137