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AboutĀ me

Hi, Iā€™mĀ Brett! I can't wait to help you break out of your guitar playing rut

I first showed an interest in music when I was 12. I discovered my momā€™s old guitar in a closet under the stairs. After learning my firstĀ  grunge rock song from a neighborhood friend I was hooked.


From that point on, I followed a path that led me to earn a bachelor's degree in guitarĀ from Missouri Western State University. Since thenĀ I haveĀ had a diverse career as a performer, and educator.
I remember what it was like to be stuck in that intermediate rut. It's not fun and sometimes it feels like there is no way out.Ā Ā I have made it my goal to help intermediate guitar players break out of the dreaded rut for good.


IĀ have taught over 20,000 guitar lessons and each week I teach people all over the world.Ā 


Patience is something that I do not lack.Ā I amĀ willing to take as much time as necessary to help my students reach their playing goals.Ā 
Whether your goal is to be able play better solos, jam with/start a band, write better guitar parts, or just strum your favorite songs for personal enjoyment, you are in the right place.
With over 20Ā  years of teaching experience you can guarantee that you will get the results you are looking for.Ā 
The classroom isnā€™t the only place youā€™ll find me.Ā  I can be seen and heard on the Kansas City music scene most weekend nights as both a solo performer and as a member of some of the cities best bands.
Ā My Courses
Are you sick of being stuck in a guitar playing rut?Ā 
If so you are in there right place my friend.
The key to growth on the guitar isĀ a structured success pathway that will help you reach your goals as a musician and guitar player
Break Out of Your Playing Rut and Level Up w/ this Must Take Course
This course will teach you:
  • What notes make solos sound great
  • How to play major and minor triads all over the neck
  • How to easily spell chords
  • What chords are in every key
  • How to use the Nashville Number System like professional musicians
Learn to solo and make your scales sound more musical
This class will teach you:
  • Ā The technical aspects of the 5 shapes across the entire fretboard.
  • How to use and make the scales sound cool and musical
  • How to weave licks in and out of the different shapes
  • Signature Pentatonic licks that are a must learn to improve confidence and build proficiency
Get Your All Access Pass & Level Up Your Skills
  • Access to my exclusive Chord Lick Chord lesson library w/ tabsĀ 
  • Ā Live workshops on highly requested content
  • Guided success pathways to ensure your reach your goals
  • Monthly live Ask Me Anything sessions
  • Members only community
  • 25% Discount on ANY courseĀ not included in the membership
  • Bonus: access to Unlocking the Pentatonic Box Course

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