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Unlocking the Pentatonic Box Level #1


Transform Your Playing When You Learn to Use the Pentatonic Scale Like the Pros

Learn to the Key to Soloing with the minor Pentatonic patterns

What you will learn:
  • The technical aspects of the 5 shapes across the entire fretboard.
  • How to use and make the scales sound musical
  • How to weave licks in and out of the different shapes
  • Signature Pentatonic licks that are a must learn to improve confidence and build proficiency

This class will teachĀ you what I wish I had learned sooner...

I have a huge passion for teaching guitar players the tips and tricks of the trade that I wished I had learned sooner.
I am taking my 20 years of professional guitar playing experience and combining it with my love of teaching in a very down to earth and easy to understand format.
You get to be the beneficiary of that passion and I know you will not regret taking this course or any of my other course offerings.

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Jeff Sanders
"I learned so much from this class and I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone looking to break out of the box. I loved the teaching style. The deep dive on a focused subject is something you just don't get very often.

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You get better results withĀ the help of a great mentor and teacher.Ā 


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After this class you will know:
  • How to make these scales sound musical and cooler than ever
  • Key phrasing ideas the pros use to make solos sound polished and professional
  • How to musically weave in and out of different scale shapesĀ 
  • Ā Signature licks that are a must learn to improve confidence and build proficiency
  • Access to Brett for all of your questions via email